About Christian-Rex

Above And Beyond Quality


Peter Christian-Rex Nielsen is a Danish born designer who discovered his excellent talents for creative design over 25 years ago.

With Peter’s natural persona of sophistication and glamour, and with an imagination like a fountain of ideas…, he is always actively inventing new trends and always looking for new ways to better his last one.

Peters ultimate trendsetter of the moment is his brand new jewellery line, CHRISTIAN-REX. This idea has been in development for the past 5 years, and since launching The Collection, CHRISTIAN-REX is smashing through the barriers and quickly becoming a worldwide fashion must have for many big celebrities and also many big name designers to compliment their clothing lines.

The company, based in Marbella in Spain, has been Peters place of inspiration and home since leaving his country of Denmark almost 15 years ago.

The demand for Peter’s one of a kind designs is growing increasingly fast, that in the short space of time since launching, the product is already moving into and being retailed in many other countries such as North America, Finland, Denmark & Norway.

With CELEBRITIES now sporting the beautiful jewels such as Eva Longoria, Princess Stephanie Carmen Electra, Amaury Nolasco & Christian Audiger, to name a few, the US barrier has recently been broken too, and goes without saying, giving CHRISTIAN-REX a 5 star rating in the fashion world.

All Christian-Rex jewellery is 100% original & hand made In Marbella using the finest Crystals and some of the most unique, never before seen designs.

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